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About Us

At Sustainable Tiverton we aim to energise and support the whole community to take effective action to improve the world around us and our impact on it for ourselves, our children and our grandchildren.

Our projects are varied too – responding to the needs of people and the environment they live in across different areas. Our Ecohub and some projects work from Tiverton, for ease of access to more people in the area. Others work better in local small towns and villages or act to renew nature in rural areas.  

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We hope to leave the earth better than we find it, and our young people will inherit the world we have made. We aim to listen to their concerns and involve them in many ways – through family, school or youth-oriented events, as well as through their involvement in volunteering. We are actively seeking funding to develop youth opportunities with us, so that we and they can all benefit from their energy and enthusiasm.

We are part of the Transition Network, which supports many sustainability groups in cities, towns and rural communities (around the UK and beyond) to keep in touch and learn from each other. Watch this short video about Transition.

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Our Story

From our beginnings as Sustainable Villages in 2008 in rural villages close to Tiverton, we have grown into a multi-project volunteer organisation working across the whole Tiverton area.


Our Organisation

Sustainable Tiverton is now a Community Interest Company (CIC) After a successful fundraiser and becoming a Community Interest Company enabled a move into our first ‘Ecohub’ premises in early 2023. This allows greater community involvement, supports our many projects and allows new projects to grow.

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Our Area

The place we live includes urban living, villages, farms and rural areas.  

We work closely with our local councils, transition groups and other organisations concerned with sustainability in our area, so that together we can be more effective. 

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