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Projects Share and Repair

Share and Repair projects repair household items, promote sharing by holding household goods communally or by passing them on for re-use, and share skills in repairing or re-purposing items.

Production of everything we use: creates greenhouse gases causes pressure on land and living things reduces plant cover to absorb emissions

Through sharing goods and skills, we can work together to build a ‘circular community’ locally – enjoying more goods but reducing our need for new ones. Each item repaired, shared or re-used rather than bought new saves an average of 24 kg of CO2 emissions.

Repair Café

Repair Cafés try to fix broken household items that people bring in, saving money and reducing waste. On Saturday morning once a month at Tiverton Library, our team of eight repairers gives free help and advice for repairs of household goods including electricals and clothes.

Started in 2015, Tiverton Repair Cafe can in a typical year successfully save nearly 100 items, reducing CO2 by over two tonnes! We do not charge a fee for repairs but accept donations towards our expenses. Café sessions are very busy, and we welcome more helpers to repair, organise and make refreshments. Come to a Repair session or contact us direct through

Share Shop

Opened in 2024, Share Shop is a community store of household equipment which you can borrow affordably instead of buying. Use it for items you only use from time to time – for cleaning, DIY, parties and catering for special events, camping or seasonal gardening tasks. Join up to reduce waste and clutter and save money!

We aim to make what we use more affordable for all, and to reduce our impact on the environment. We have over 200 items to borrow in our online catalogue, and stock is growing all the time. To do this we depend on donations of equipment in good working order, and also on volunteers for many roles. We currently open most Saturday mornings at the Ecohub Tiverton, but with more volunteers we could offer an additional lending session each week.

For information on joining, volunteering or donating, go to Email us at, or find us on Facebook or Instagram.shareshoptiverton

Skill Sharing and re-purposing.

Sharing skills in repairing or re-purposing items is important for waste reduction and making life more affordable- and you can enjoy mastering new skills! You can discuss your repair or sewing project with our repairer at Repair Café each month. Also look out also for dates for sewing advice sessions at Shareshop, and for one off sewing re-purposing events to make useful items and encourage Sustainable Fashion. 

For information contact Share shop or Repair Café, or sign up to our newsletter to see what is coming up soon.

Give or Take and Swap Shops

Seasonal Give or Take weeks at the CreaTiv hub in Tiverton build community by encouraging the giving and receiving of gifts. Bring in items (other than clothes) for others to take away or find something that you can make use of. There is no charge, and you don’t have to give to take!

One-off specialist events such as toy or clothes ‘swaps’ also take place from time to
time. Each event will have its own rules about what items are accepted and whether
a donation of items or cash is requested before taking things away.

All these projects reduce waste and encourage sharing among community members. For details and dates for either Give or Take weeks or one- off ‘swap’ events and to
get in touch with the projects, sign up to our Newsletter.

Plastic Free Campaigns

Plastic waste is a common sight in our countryside, rivers, beaches and seas, causing harm to wildlife and entering the food chain. We have worked with businesses to help them reduce plastic use and attain plastic free accreditation from Surfers against sewage.  Through plastic free events and activities, we seek to inform the public about the harms of plastic waste and suggest alternatives to single use plastics. Events include big plastic unwraps and children’s plastic waste up-cycling workshops. Look out for shops with zero waste refill facilities such as House of Green or Bampton Fresh, and Reapers for vegetables in local shops without plastic wrapping.